24 August 2014

Comfy and Cute Sleepwear

With school starting for most people (I start Monday!) I figured instead of the usual back-to-schools post, I would do one on sleepwear! Yes, pajamas. The following list is of some cute and adorable sets that are currently available!

First up there is this adorable set, that I think would be great for a sleepover! It looks comfortable but chic at the same time! (Get it at Asos)

Forever 21 has so many cute sets starting at $10!! You won't find a better deal than that!
As a fan of cats, I think this pajama set is puurfect! (Here.)
also another cute one. (Here.)

and is you want to have a sleepover with a significant other but still want to be comfortable then
the following definitely fits the bill. (Here.) It's a romper!

Until Next Time!


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