24 August 2014

Comfy and Cute Sleepwear

With school starting for most people (I start Monday!) I figured instead of the usual back-to-schools post, I would do one on sleepwear! Yes, pajamas. The following list is of some cute and adorable sets that are currently available!

First up there is this adorable set, that I think would be great for a sleepover! It looks comfortable but chic at the same time! (Get it at Asos)

Forever 21 has so many cute sets starting at $10!! You won't find a better deal than that!
As a fan of cats, I think this pajama set is puurfect! (Here.)
also another cute one. (Here.)

and is you want to have a sleepover with a significant other but still want to be comfortable then
the following definitely fits the bill. (Here.) It's a romper!

Until Next Time!


12 August 2014

Mini Outlet Haul

So I went to Saks Off Fifth 2 days ago and was thrilled to see that they had an amazing sale. Everything in the clearance rack was Buy 1 Get 2 Free!! That's right 2! Unfortunately when I went to the store most of the racks had been picked through. I got 2 things and my boyfriend found a shirt for himself so we still had use of the sale. I also hit up another store favorite Nordstrom Rack! Here's what I got:

I love the white lace details on this dress! (Get it here)

This is something I wanted since I first saw it at Saks months ago, but I 
didn't want to shell out the $45 that is costs.
Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled that it was part of the sale.
 I plan on using it for groceries or even as a weekend bag.(Similar)

This Rebecca Minkoff MAB makeup case was something I was extremely
 thrilled to find included in the sale. It is super adorable and I love that the inside
 is a plastic material instead of fabric. I have a bad habit of just throwing my 
makeup around, but now I don't have to worry about the inside getting dirty.

On another note, my classes start in 2 weeks! Wow, where has my summer gone? While, I am dreading my harder course list, I cannot wait to start wearing cute fall outfits! And of course, I can't wait to share them with you!


11 August 2014

Get the Bag for Less!

Like many ladies I love me a beautiful designer bag! Who doesn't right? But also like many ladies, I simply cannot afford a $2000 handbag. Sorry, I'm just a broke college student. :(  However, I have managed to conjure up a list of some more affordable handbags that seem to resemble some of today's very popular styles. While these bags are significantly less expensive, they dont comprise on quality. Take a look!

1. The classic quilted wallet on a chain
Let's begin with what I believe is the most drool-worthy crossbody of all! 
Of course its the Chanel Quilted WOC. While I hope to own this precious baby one day, 
I recently found a great alternative at Saks Off Fifth (the Saks outlet). It comes in different colors
including mint!

And with a price that of only $105, you really can't go wrong! Even the inside layout resembles Chanel's WOC. Get it here

2.The Celine Trapeze

If you are looking to drop some serious cash right now, then this is the handbag to get!
From celebrities to fashion bloggers, this handbag has definitely been seen on the on arms
of the most noteworthy people. 

While this Zac Zac Posen handbag comes in a larger size, I love the small size shown 
above. Get the same look as the Celine but for a much more reasonable price of only $224 (Here).

3. Givenchy Antigona 

Lastly, we have this beautiful Givenchy classic. Its iconic shape may make it hard
to find something that even faintly resembles this handbag, but I think I found a good contender.

This handbag by Rebecca Minkoff definitely gives off that Antigona vibe! The shape is extremely
reminiscent of its more expensive counterpart. With price starting at $350, there is no reason why you should go check it out! (Here).

Check back tomorrow for another post!!