01 March 2014

What To Pack For A Cruise

A few months ago I went on my first cruise trip, and I have to say it was amazing! The ship was huge and I had a great time exploring it and going to all the shows the crew members put on. While I had a great time, I wasn't quite sure what I should pack for the occasion. I mean, normally when I travel I first look up the weather. But how does one look up what the weather will be like in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? I've compiled a list of a few things you should not forget while on a cruise:
  • Bathing Suits- This is just a given. There are multiple pools and hot tubs on the ship and you should make use of them! The ship I was on even had an indoor pool, just in case the weather was not suitable for an outdoor pool.
  • Cover Up- To go along with your swim suit, you might want to take something you can quickly throw over it. There can be quite a bit of walking from the pools to your room so having some clothes on would probably be best.
  • Sweaters- I know first I'm telling you to take a bikini and now a sweater. But trust me, it can get very chilly on deck, even during the day. On my trip (which was in the beginning of November from Cali to Mexico mind you) there were many activities to do deck in the evening. It was especially windy and cold in the evening so a sweater is a must!
  • A Dress- On my particular cruise the dining was especially nice. People got dressed up for dinner, and most times there is a dress code to eat at certain locations. If you think you can get away with being in a bathing suit all day, you are in for a surprise! Oh, and there clubs on the ship as well that you might want to check out. Who knows?
  • Toiletry Bag- This is a must if you are going on a trip longer than 3 days. You should get one that can be hung up in the closet such as one like this. It doesn't even have to be that fancy but it'll be nice to have all your things in one easy to find spot!
  • A Wristlet- While you are on board, you really don't need to be carrying around a purse with all your belongings. Instead a handy wristlet should suffice. This one is very similar to the one I took, and that was all I needed. You see the ship gives you a card in the beginning and that is how you pay for everything and it's also your room key. I would make sure you keep your I.D on you as well just in case. And as far as a phone. Well I kept mine off the entire trip! It was useless to me. Instead take your camera and you are good to go! Which brings me to my next point....
  • A Camera- You need to document your special trip! There are lots of things to talk pictures of so I would say you should have your camera on you at all times!! 
Until next time! XOXO

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  1. Very helpful list!:) Thank you! I agree that bathing suit is a given. But I wouldn't have thought of a wristlet and a sweater, so that's great that you posted about them!