07 March 2014

Wal-Mart Candles?

I know that everyone and their mother raves about the Bath and Body Works candles! While I do admit I like them just as much as the next girl, I do believe they are a bit overpriced for your average candle. I love buying my candles from... Wal-Mart! Trust me, if you want amazing-smelling, inexpensive candles then you will want to keep reading!
 I was running a bit low on candles yesterday so I decided to make a run to Wal-Mart and these 3 were the ones I decided to pick up! Peach & Mango, Cranberry Mandarin and Caribbean Retreat. My favorite has to be the Cranberry Mandarin scent, this is my second time getting it. They all smell sooo good! I have to admit, I'm obsessed. As for the price? You won't believe it! The two candles at the end are a dollar each and the middle one was only $2! They are a little small, but you can choose to pick up the bigger ones comparable to the Bath and Body Works ones for less than $5! You really can't lose!

This is a candle I got from Big Lots recently, and I just love that it's in a mason jar! So cute!!



  1. these candles are actually quite nice! Thanks for stopping by my blog!