16 October 2013


Hello World!

You know, I was, and to be honest still am, very hesitant about starting a blog. I absolutely LOVE reading other people's blogs. My favorite blogger would have to be Wendy Nguyen from Wendy's Look Book. But I figured why not, what's the worst that could happen right? I truly believe this blog will give me a chance to discover myself and my true fashion style.

My style has certainly changed quite a bit over the last 5 or so years. In high school all I ever wore were solid-colored shirts, jeans and plain white shoes. My hair was always pulled up in a high ponytail with a big bow right on top of the elastic.

Now while in college, I am still struggling to discover what my true style is. Is someone asked you to describe your style in just a few short words what would you say? Preppy? Edgy? Perhaps Preppy with an edge? I really don't know what I would say. Nowadays, I love wearing dresses, skirts, boots and on occasion I'll wear jerseys as well!

 I really would love to define my style and tastes and this is the best time to do it. I'm not a kid anymore, I'm about to turn 21! But I still haven't been completely exposed to the world either, after all I do live only 8 hours away from where I grew up.

I would love anyone who is interested to join me on the beginning of this journey and until next time!

Daisy D.

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